Home Buyers

As Buyers’ Agents, we work exclusively for you (the buyer) while the selling agent is working for the vendor. If you were to approach a local selling agent, they will only show you properties that they have personally listed for sale.

Real Estate Agents will not show the whole portfolio of prestige Sydney homes other agents have on their books. We work tirelessly, researching Sydney luxury real estate to find your dream home. The local sales agent may say they “will keep an eye out for you”, but the reality is they will put you on a database and only send you prestige properties they occasionally list for sale.

If you are in the market to a buy luxury home, House Hunting – Buyer’s Agents  have the inside scoop on off market listings. On average, 40% of the properties we buy for our clients are off market. We have long-standing relationships and extensive networks with just about every agent to uncover your dream home.