Overseas Buyers

A Guide for Aussie Expats and Foreign Investors

House Hunting – Buyer’s Agents  is a buyer’s agency service that specialises in helping overseas buyers (Aussie expats and foreign investors) purchase property in Australia.

Whether you are living in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, , New York, or anywhere else in the world, House Hunting – Buyer’s Agents can help you purchase your own home or investment property.

We recognise that living abroad can create many logistical problems that make buying property difficult:

  • Traveling to inspect properties can be expensive, time-consuming and often impractical.
  • Overseas buyers are generally not familiar with property prices and market conditions and so risk paying too much.
  • Properties which seem ‘perfect’ on the internet can be disappointing when seen in the flesh
  • Different time zones make it difficult to:
    • Communicate and negotiate with selling agents
    • Arrange finance, conveyancing, building and pest inspections; building works and property management
    • Arrange Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval if required.

For more information see the FIRB website. (www.firb.gov.au)